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I’m heading out of NYC and making my way to Long Island today to spend some quiet, quality time with my Grandfather. At ninety-two, it blows me away how he’s still so sharp and witty. Not only did my Grandfather teach me the definition of unconditional love before Celestino did, but I’ve never seen him stay mad at anyone for longer than five minutes, concern himself with worldly things (like money or prestige — he truly does not care), and/or fail to make everyone around him laugh until they cry. As such, I decided to interview him for my YouTube channel (which is a slow work in progress, but this content will be worth it). I want to know what advice he’d give to his thirty year old self, the secret to staying young at ninety-two, etc. If you have anything that you want answered from the perspective of a ninety-two year old legend, I’m going to put up the question feature in my stories that will allow you to submit everything and I’ll make sure he answers them today. ✨😘

A bit about NoteBrooke

NoteBrooke is an inviting space of intimate candor where women can explore an assorted host of entertaining and honesttopics. What began as a hypnotically run, sporadically updated lifestyle blog has evolved into a personal forum operated from a state of God realization.

In being transparent about my long-term struggles with mental health, trauma and self-loathing, I sought to develop a place where I could organize the breadth of resources that have engendered my evolution into a deeply fulfilled, confident soul.

NoteBrooke places an equal emphasis on the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of self-acceptance, exploring how the distinct realms can work harmoniously to aid and empower women.

It took me nearly thirty years to learn how to love myself; after realizing that goal, I decided to create an integrative, unbiasedspace that introduces the outlets, experts, and teachings that I believe will help readers to find fulfillment, as well.