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Step out of the history that is holding you back. Step into the new story you’re willing to create. #oprah
New York, New York
I was twelve years old when I was introduced to the practice of yoga for the first time. During my sixth grade health class, Mr. Fernandez, a substitute teacher, unexpectedly filled the room with black mats, guiding us through basic moves and meditative practices. To this day, I still remember how taken aback I was by the magnitude of that experience — so much so that I went home and promptly told my mother about it. When Mr. Fernandez left, unfortunately, yoga was removed from the curriculum, as well, and I didn’t rediscover it until adulthood. While I’ve always ascribed to conventional forms of talk therapy, I’ve also found that my journey to mental health has been enhanced tenfold by practicing yoga and meditation. In fact, I definitely feel that the fundamental tenets taught by Alo have been crucial — and irreplaceable — in the way of my spiritual growth. What’s more, the rates of childhood anxiety and depression are now at an all-time high, which prompted Alo to launch an initiative that provides kids with a free twelve-week course serving to introduce the immeasurable benefits of the practices to their young lives. Head to to access the resources and to learn more about how it can serve your littles, as well. @aloyoga 🙏🏼

A bit about NoteBrooke

NoteBrooke is an inviting space of intimate candor where women can explore an assorted host of entertaining and honesttopics. What began as a hypnotically run, sporadically updated lifestyle blog has evolved into a personal forum operated from a state of God realization.

In being transparent about my long-term struggles with mental health, trauma and self-loathing, I sought to develop a place where I could organize the breadth of resources that have engendered my evolution into a deeply fulfilled, confident soul.

NoteBrooke places an equal emphasis on the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of self-acceptance, exploring how the distinct realms can work harmoniously to aid and empower women.

It took me nearly thirty years to learn how to love myself; after realizing that goal, I decided to create an integrative, unbiasedspace that introduces the outlets, experts, and teachings that I believe will help readers to find fulfillment, as well.