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When I used to go to the gym more regularly, (I’m getting back on the wagon now, but that’s a story for another day), I’d always feel compelled to apply foundation, bronzer and a brow. Until recently, I never realized how uncomfortable I still felt in my own skin. —————————————————————
When I initially partnered with Olay, I was excited to work with the brand, use the products and walk the runway with a host of phenomenal women. But I didn’t realize how invested I would become in the self-care aspect of this process and how it would come to transcend skincare alone. —————————————————————
In using the Olay moisturizer and eye cream twice a day every day for the past couple of weeks, I’ve experienced major improvements to my skin -- it’s more evenly toned, smooth, and hydrated– but I’ve also been motivated to remove my extensions and to stop wearing makeup 24/7. I haven’t felt compelled to try to look “perfect.” ————————————————————During NYFW, which is a time when we regularly see many of the most beautiful women in the world, I used to really struggle with my confidence. I wanted to be taller, prettier, skinnier, more exotic looking. But this season, when I perused the runway and saw supermodels and celebrities, I admired their beauty, yes, but I also appreciated my own body – not for the way that it looks or doesn’t look, but for everything that it does for me every single day. @olay #ad #FaceAnything
New York, New York
One more of this look because it’s time to retire my white boots for a second and because...SUN!!
New York, New York
You’re not going to master the rest of your life in one day. Just relax. Master the day, and then keep going that every day. #NYFW Day 3 #liketkit
New York, New York
Come into alignment with your divine purpose and watch how everything opens up so that you can fulfill it. | #NYFW Day 1 + First Day of School.
New York, New York
Either you run the day, or the day runs you. @melrobbinslive

A bit about NoteBrooke

NoteBrooke is an inviting space of intimate candor where women can explore an assorted host of entertaining and honesttopics. What began as a hypnotically run, sporadically updated lifestyle blog has evolved into a personal forum operated from a state of God realization.

In being transparent about my long-term struggles with mental health, trauma and self-loathing, I sought to develop a place where I could organize the breadth of resources that have engendered my evolution into a deeply fulfilled, confident soul.

NoteBrooke places an equal emphasis on the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of self-acceptance, exploring how the distinct realms can work harmoniously to aid and empower women.

It took me nearly thirty years to learn how to love myself; after realizing that goal, I decided to create an integrative, unbiasedspace that introduces the outlets, experts, and teachings that I believe will help readers to find fulfillment, as well.