I wouldn’t categorize what I had as being reminiscent of seasonal affective disorder per se (Mostly, because I don’t really know what this is, and I’m hesitant to diagnose myself with absolutely every disorder under the sun, so I’ll exclude this one), but I will say that for the vast majority of my life, I would experience a serious case of the glass half empties at the onset of September. Seemingly predisposed towards warm winds, waves, and rays, I was always forlorn at the prospect of releasing summer from my steadily clenched grasp and embracing, instead, the birth of a new season. As those around me were carving pumpkins and sipping spiced lattes, I only dwelled on my ever fading tan and tried to ward off the familiar dashes of dread that would attack, guerrilla warfare style, when I noted the inevitably of autumn morphing into its evil alter ego — winter.

Like a beautiful crystal vase sitting on the edge of a wobbly desk, I knew that the crisp, clean air would soon shatter into nothing more than the abominable snowman (Yes, that is a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer metaphor) that is a Northeast blizzard, decimating everything in its path — foliage first – and leaving only grey days, freezing temperatures, and dirty snow as a remembrance of its presence.

So, what was the cure to my case of the glass half empties? A good dose of fashion, of course.  Cashmere, suede, leather, boots, and bags, served as a reminder that your words will dictate what you will become, so I repeated, slowly, “Ca-sh-meeeeee-re,” and just like that, all was right with the world.  Not really, of course, but the prospect of placing my focus on something creative and embracing the possibilities associated with change served as a legitimate reminder that with every season, comes the gift of something new, both literally and figuratively.  Hot chocolate can’t be sipped on repeat in the dead heat of July anyway, and even if it is, shorts and a loose fitting tank top certainly won’t cover the extra layer that such an endeavor might prompt, so as it turns out, there are multiple benefits associated with the coming of fall that even the abominable snowman isn’t armed to destroy.

Take a look at one of my favorite fall looks – it doesn’t get more cozy than this.

What are your go to fall pieces? <3

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