Furry Friend

Fur coats are funny little things in the sense that they can very quickly summon vastly different visions of either 1) Audrey Hepburn/My Fair Lady premiere/Park Avenue princess endless glamour OR…well, 2) something that’s been lopsidedly hanging in you Grandmother’s closet, without having seen the light of day, for twenty plus years.

I think the difference exists entirely within the fit, which is to say that it truly isn’t about cost, color, or even the type of fur per se; rather, the secret to success is contingent upon how a piece falls and serves to enhance the shape of the body.
During a recent fete in the fur salon at Saks, a saleswoman insisted that she had “just the coat” for me, forcing placing my arms into a ridiculously long, all consuming (with the exception of my head, it covered the length of my entire body) chocolate brown number comprised of “the finest Russian sable.” After buttoning it up to my neck (breathing room is so overrated), she stood back to admire her work, hand aptly cupped over dropped jaw, wide eyed, seemingly astonished at how “glamorous” I looked in this seventy thousand dollar abominable snowman suit  treasure.

Though I departed from the store empty handed that day, I eventually found and fell in love with the fur poncho pictured above. It’s not long or especially dazzling; it’s not made of Russian sable, and I didn’t have to refinance my condo to purchase it — but it accentuates my shape, and it’s come to hold a ubiquitous presence in my wardrobe. My ‘furry friend’ as I like to call it (That’s a lot less weird to take in if you understand that I name all of my key wardrobe essentials – you’ll eventually meet Big Puffy/Soft Plush/Johnny Depp and…well, nevermind) can be worn to dress up jeans and a sweater, or even to keep me stylishly warm when I’m wearing, say, a dress or an evening gown in the dead of winter in New York.

And though I love my Grandmother and her style, I like to think that this piece is less in line with the items that she’s kept untouched in her closet for a couple of decades, and just a little bit more reminiscent of the Audrey/My Fair Lady side of things 😉

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