Hair Care 101

In case I haven’t emphasized this point ad nauseam to you yet, let me just say this: I’m a B-I-G believer in the age-old adage that a woman’s hair is the single most important accessory that she’ll ever own. For the greater portion of my life, I’ve had a compulsive fixation with all things related to fashion and beauty. While the large majority of my social media content places a focus on piecing together outfits, I believe that well-styled hair is as important to the completion of a look as any garment, purse, bracelet, manicure or makeup product will ever be.

Prior to learning how to properly blow-dry my own wavy tresses, I felt as if my mane had a mind of its own — that it had the power to make or break my day depending upon how it looked. In high school, I concluded that I shouldn’t “waste” a killer outfit on a bad hair day. As such, I resorted to sneaking into my mother’s laundry room, laying my hair on top of the ironing board and running the 400-degree powered machine over my frizzy strands. Through the grace of God, I still have a face.

Nowadays, when I receive questions about how I tame my tresses, I make sure to emphasize that the single most important factor is always a great blow-dry; there’s no skipping that step. I’ve been using the InfinitiPro by Conair 3Q Compact Dryer (Model #: 3QMS) Click here, which not only provides results that last for a couple of days, but serves up great texture, shape, and volume, as well. Here’s the thing: as much as I’d like to take up permanent residence in Andre’s chair, somehow, that’s just not a realistic option for me, which is why I consistently look to my 3Q Dryer to provide the coveted results that I crave.

Not only is it pretty to look at (#pinkandgold), it’s compact, and easy to travel with. The 3Q Compact Dryer is as cost effective as it is reliable. Affording me with the perfect combination of strength and temperature options, my 3Q Dryer allows me to get salon worthy results on my own. After sifting through a number of pricier hair care products throughout the years, I’m happy to report that this option is significantly better than anything else that I’ve ever tried, and that it allows me to stay shoot ready — sans the iron — wherever I go. Available at (Click here) $79.99, or at Bed, Bath & Beyond Click here!

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