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It’s a relatively ordinary, if not blatantly mundane, late summer afternoon when I return home to my apartment and note the familiar ding of a new email that made its way into my inbox. It’s from my manager, and it states the following:

Hey Brooke, Great news: Longchamp and Vogue would love to move forward with you.

My hearts immediately starts break dancing in my chest, and I get the good buzz feels while reading the sentence over and over again to ensure that this is really happening. Because, when I launched NoteBrooke, I spent the first six months of the initiative fastidiously applying for “grown up” jobs. This was never something that I believed would lend itself to collaborating with any brands, let alone iconic French leather luxury lines like Longchamp
…in connection with Vogue.

When I get to the New York showroom to take a glimpse at some of the pulls for my upcoming Central Park based shoot (I know), I’m floored by all of the designs that Longchamp has to offer. Casually insinuating — wink wink — that I’d love to wear a few of the looks to New York Fashion Week, I’m immediately awestruck by the richness of the colors, the top-notch quality of the plush fabrics and the flattering fits of the pieces that I get to try on.

Like every other human being in the civilized world, I was already familiar with Longchamp’s cute bags (What else would a regular Elle Woods use to carry her books in?) and lux accessories, and I regularly passed their pristinely manicured storefronts on Newbury Street in Boston and on Madison Avenue in New York, but I wasn’t nearly as savvy about their super chic repertoire of Fall wonders.

The shoot takes place in several dreamy locations throughout Central Park, and I’m working alongside two of my good friends — Charlotte, from the Fashion Guitar, and Krystal, from This Time Tomorrow. We’re provided with a link to Longchamp’s Fall 2016 campaign video in advance, which, if you’re looking to be inspired, is right here for your viewing pleasure, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XMC6Zhzerw (!)

With the help of a chic little pedicab that takes us from location to location, we cruise around Central Park draped in individualized threads from the line, three peas in a Bethesda Terrace based pod. Naturally [hair flip, finger snap], I represent “fire,” per the campaign, so my outfit includes blazing shades of orange/red interspersed with deep chocolate browns.

In the midst of New York Fashion Week, hopping around Central Park with such an incredible team, is a welcome respite from the madness. Longchamp is a sophisticated, but still very wearable brand, and the shoot has me feeling as if I’ve escaped from New York City altogether and teleported to a town full of grand castles somewhere outside of a major metropolitan area in Europe. Think French Countryside circa 1775 vibes but with incredibly inspiring outfits thrown into the mix.

Fire + amazing brand + pedicab transportation + good friends + celebratory lunch at the Central Park Boat House = the best career choice of my life.

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