This Shoot Was Great

Although I’m a born and bred New York City girl (OKAY, LONG ISLAND, BUT WHO’S REALLY COUNTING), by the time late February rolls around, I seriously contemplate a permanent move to Miami…like every year.

Although it would be exceedingly difficult to drive around in my cute car every day, sun bathe, work out, and walk Oliver to Bal Harbor the dog park, Miami is just not an option for me at this point for a number of [unfortunately] very substantial reasons (i.e. I’m not actually retired/I never go to the gym/one can’t walk to Bal Harbor from Brickell unless, like…Chanel is on clearance, which is quite obviously only a thinly veiled reference to all things falling under the purview of the impossible, etc.)

When launching NoteBrooke, though, I didn’t necessarily forecast (no pun intended – just kidding, puns are almost always intended) how FRIGID it would be nine months out of the year whilst shooting street style looks.

And let’s face facts, sister – sometimes you can incorporate a coat into an outfit and other times, well, you just can’t.

While sporting these silk Tibi harems and white ankle strap shoes, the look was intended to be effortless/cool/beachy/WARM. Heck, you might have noticed that my tummy is even showing in one of the pics, revealing the work of an overzealous nail salon employee with a spray tan bottle in hand beautifully bronzed beach glow.

With the exception of a few bewildered stares that questioned – without really questioning – are you insane/stupid/suicidal by way of full body frostbite, I made it through the shoot, happy as a warm beach bunny with the final outcome. And, if you’re fortunate enough to get to do what you love, then a negative three-degree day rivals a move to Miami any day.

I mean, not really, but…fake it til you make it, I guess, girls. BRRR – I hope you like the pics!

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