When In Doubt, Burberry, Camel Colored.

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Let’s talk coats.

My mother taught me about them when I was a child and purchased this one for me on the second floor of Bergdorf just a few weeks ago, so in an effort to ensure that she gets me another one come spring, I’m going to dispense her wisdom to you here.


I actually do believe that outerwear plays a hugely instrumental role in building a wardrobe that one loves, especially (but not only) when he or she is on a budget.

Friends, I am on a budget, which means that my focus has shifted primarily towards quality bags, shoes, and coats –- you know, those accouterments that can be worn on repeat and re-styled with any number of different looks.

Although I’m normally an #allblackeverything type of a girl, I opted to get this Burberry wonder in a camel tone because it’s neutral enough tone to be paired with virtually any other color and adds somewhat of a shimmer into what I would otherwise refer to as a purist’s wardrobe.

When purchasing an every day coat, I focus on color, fit and length – remember, outerwear is all about versatility. And come fashion week, when I’m feeling especially swanky, I can force my body to go completely numb and place this guy over my shoulders in the way that all Lincoln Center photographees do when they’re hoping to be caught “casually strolling along” (Listen, I’m not judging; I’ve never met a camera I didn’t like).

Most importantly, when all else fails and you’re crawling to Starbucks in Uggs for an am iced coffee – remember, it’s all about the coverage (jambes and all) of a winter coat. X

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