Fashion Panic

[Coat] Saks Fifth Avenue [Dress] Theory [Boots] Stuart Weitzman Highland [Clutch] Louis Vuitton [Makeup] Edward Bess

In attempting to find a cogent voice for NoteBrooke, I’ve scoured various mediums of inspiration, deciphering how I could brand my blog and provide streamlined consistency for my readership base. The fashion world can be a confusing mix of contradictions, and for many years, I could only refer to my style as being “bi-polar” – a hastened mix of uptown elegance interspersed with touches of Williamsburg hipster, California Beach Bunny, Europe, Miami and well…my mother. (kidding mom – you have incredible, indelible style).

Truth be told, if I’m feeling particularly rock & roll chic on a particular day, I might google image Emmanuel Alt, and emerge as a significantly more chic, Parisian born and bred version of myself. But I’m not really all that Emmanuel or Emma or Olivia or Bianca or well – anyone – other than me.

Sure, I can stare at the tumblrs of each of these goddesses all day long, taking a cue from Olivia’s belted dresses and pairing them with Emma’s tousled beach waves, but these are borrowed elements of other women’s fixed visions.

For a long time, I experienced absolutely incapacitating a little bit of “fashion panic” when I would either step shoe in a department store or attempt to piece together a look for NoteBrooke because I didn’t have a clear cut vision of what I wanted to express.

But somewhere along the line, I came to realize that true style is only the physical embodiment of who one really is.

And who I am is

…complicated. (just ask my parents/boyfriend/shrink/concierge doctor/dog walker/Starbucks barista, etc.)

When people ask me to describe my style, I generally refer to it is as refined minimalist glamour, which is why I love this outfit so much –- it screams “Brooke.” But that said, like all of us, ‘Brooke’ is comprised of an array of disparate elements, which is to say that you might find me in loose fit boyfriend jeans, a baggie tee, and a beanie within the pages of my next post.

What’s important, I’ve learned, is to be who you are when you’re wearing your clothes – and although that person might change on a day to day, minute to minute basis, always remember – there’s no substitute for authenticity.

And candidly, although I’m thoroughly enamored with Olivia, somebody tell me whose legs look cute in round toe French Sole flats other than hers anyway?!

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