Winter. In NYC. Why?!

When most people start jovially talking about pumpkin spiced lattes and fall foliage — both of which are nothing more than thinly veiled metaphors for the inevitable reversion to frigid temps in NYC BY THE WAY– I start contemplating an eclectic mix of benzodiazepines and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

You really think that I’d trade warm summer nights/sunsets with colors that bleed a spectacular blend of blue, yellow and pink/perfectly coiffed air-dried beach waves (Okay, that never happens for anyone except Lauren Conrad – but you get the picture) for…
pumpkin carving and Christmas carols??

Come on, hermana.

Blame it on my New York based upbringing, followed by an eight-year long educational stint in Boston, but the very mention of the word ‘snowflake’ makes me shudder with utter dread.

And yet, with a career in broadcast media and many of the most important people in my life all centered smack dab in the heart of Manhattan, I just can’t justify a move to Miami quite yet. While I’ve fantasized about considered a half of a century early retirement, and a lifetime of panama hats and Ray-bans (paired with a slightly oversized white linen caftain – don’t you just die for that look?) — the truth is that I’m meant to be in New York City right now.

Manhattan has unquestionably played an instrumental role in shaping who I am, influencing my style, personality, goals, etc. so right now, as the days get shorter (It’s never fun looking out of your office window at 4:18 pm on a Tuesday afternoon only to be greeted by a dark sky) and my doorman reminds me of the fact that – yes — the temperature will be dropping to twenty-five degrees this week, remaining there until about mid May, (thanks, Johnny!) I have to look on the bright side:

So here it is. Shortly after going numb and losing all feeling in my fingertips during this shoot, I realized that I actually couldn’t be more excited to share my looks with you throughout the winter; after all, everyone knows that fall fashion is just more fun. Leather, boots, blouses, blazers, scarves, sunnies = a very happy Brooke.

But Miami, one day… one day…

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