Ripped Skinny = Air

Years ago, while I was still being tortured on a daily basis in law school, I would sneak over to Barney’s and self medicate by way of intensive retail therapy.

On a particularly memorable occasion, I remember sneaking to the back of the store and looking through a rack of clothing that seemed wholly undesirable, isolated from the other items that were artfully displayed throughout the expansive Copley Sqaure space. If this were the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer movie that my mother used to pop into the VCR player every Christmas season (God, how fucking old am I?!), one might organically equate the rack to the island of the misfit toys – a consortium of drab dresses, ill fitting shirts, and questionable design ideas smushed together so that even locating a price tag was a task on par with performing frontal lobe brain surgery.

Poking through to see what I might find (and, more importantly, what wouldn’t break the bank given my penchant for this particularized form of therapy), I pulled out a pair of low-rise, JBrand denim jeans, replete with perfectly placed tares and a wash so brilliantly blue that it would make even the Malibu ocean waves envious.

As you can see, I get especially emotional/poetic/teary eyed when talking about my children clothes, but, hey, DOESN’T EVERYBODY?

Fast forward a few years — a couple of career/location/life changes later, and my JBrand Denim skinnies are pretty much all that remains from that period of my life. People have cited them as the perfect ripped skinnies, asking where and when I got them, but candidly, I have never seen the same jeans since.

Ladies, opt for a pair of well-fitting ripped skinnies; they’re more durable than you might think. 😉

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