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I initially became aware of the fact that the airport experience, as it relates to fashion, is relatively indistinguishable from the one in which street style gurus clamor for sidewalk space outside of the most coveted (and photographed!) runway shows when I spotted a picture of Victoria Beckham waltzing through Heathrow in a pair of sky-high Louboutins and reflective glass aviators. Immediately at her side, like a small, chic football team (pun intended!!), were her equally posh (pun intended!!) looking children — Harper stealing the show in a Burberry dress and a matching pink hair bow.

When Chiara, Negin, and Olivia post photos of themselves perched atop roll-along Louis Vuitton suitcases, looking fresh faced and beautiful, one might reasonably assume that each girl is headed straight down to the beach rather than directly into what promises to be a germ infested, claustrophobic, twenty-one hour nightmare.

But here’s the thing: I, too, spend a fairly exorbitant amount of time boarding flights for a living. Since there are a whole host of pre-existing horrors dedicated solely to the experience of simply being in an airport, it’s especially important to ensure that I’m travelling in an efficient, stylish and streamlined way; that’s the one aspect of the situation that I actually can control.

And so, when I discovered Lipault Paris, I made a direct beeline towards their products. Since commencing my gypsy based life smack-dab in the center of LaGuardia, I’ve become cognizant of the fact that a substantial deficit exists in the way of finding chic and affordable travel pieces. More often than not, I watch the same mid-size, black canvas bags work their way around the conveyor belt, shouting things like “Each of use are just as drab and depressing as the next – instant outfit ruiners, for sure!” and “We’re all the same color, shape and size; just put us out of our misery already!”

Listen — it suffices to say that the majority of modern day fashionistas don’t have a particularly compelling interest in pulling out all of the stops to dedicate five hours of hair and makeup — and the potential threat of a broken ankle — to becoming Victoria Beckham prior to boarding transatlantic flights. But who doesn’t want to feel put together and organized when commencing a trip, knowing that their cute outfits and must-have products are neatly stowed away in style?

Lipault Paris is all about rich colors, textures, and — WAIT FOR IT — affordability. Created in Paris about a decade ago (Anything French – #obviously, #getonit, #nobraineranyway), the bags are basically the inedible equivalent of those delish macaroons that we like to photograph (and consume) all day long. In slowly commencing the process of planning for my honeymoon, I’ve already decided that I want one of the bags in every color — I won’t pack in anything else nowadays.

To see what it is that I’m so fervently raving about, visit
Let the obsession commence.


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