[Dress] Le Salon – Atelier (@atelierlesalon) [Shoes] Christian Louboutin [Clutch] Gucci [Makeup] Edward Bess After a magical trip to Paris this February, it feels like the hashtag #notallwhowanderarelost should automatically attach itself to each one of my instagram posts. Although I’ve foregone my delusions of ascertaining platinum blonde hair, the perfect beach body, and/or an Aussie accent (i.e I’ve slowly come to accept the fact that I will never be THE Jessica Stein of Tuula Vintage) it suffices to say that upon touching down at JFK post blissful Parisian getaway, the only things that I could think of were Nutella crepes and beautifully architected buildings/cobble stones streets/etc. In reality, all that I encountered back in New York City was a noticeably frustrated Uber driver and a barrage of fluorescent lights informing me of the fact that I was, in fact…on Second Avenue once again. This year, though, I’ve been given the opportunity to travel extensively throughout the world, which is an especially fortuitous turn of events because I’ve become deeply passionate about lifestyle blogging, and I love to shoot pics in totally disparate locations. And throughout my travels, I have a number of formal events to attend, which means…you said it sister…evening.wear. In a quest to find something special to outfit myself in, I came into contact with Le Salon – Atelier. Located in Baku, Azerbaijan, this shop had dresses that I swooned over in the way that one does when she’s conceptualizing something in her head… but then can’t find it in stores (how many times has this happened to you, ladies?! So frustrating!) I have a love/hate relationship with formal wear because up until now, it’s always been exceedingly difficult for me to find a dress that I’m head over heels in love with. Or even just…in lust with. When attempting to find the perfect garmet for a friend’s wedding, let’s say, I’ve often found myself pouting alone in a 4×4 drab department store dressing room, coming to terms with the fact that I look like a polyester prom princess awaiting a poorly crafted, overly styled updo. The alternative then becomes…like, J. Mendel, which would be GREAT AND ALL if I could metamorphose into the fifty-five year old, uber successful (hopefully) version of myself and simply use a couple of months rent to pay for a gown that I will don for oh, about four hours. So when I found Le Salon, I became infatuated; it was that seventh-grade-stars-in-my-eyes-but-I –have-braces-and-glasses-and-the-most-popular-guy-in-school-aka-the-one-who-I-can’t-bare-to-live-without-has-probably-failed-to-notice-my existence kind of crushing. Reviewing all of the designs, I wondered why I couldn’t find anything like that in stores or online. And doing business in Baku isn’t hard. In anticipation of an upcoming ball that I’m attending here in New York, I immediately got in touch with Le Salon and had this dress delivered to my doorstep within four to five business days. I couldn’t be happier with the color, cut and fit. Most importantly, when I put on this piece, I felt like I was going to the Oscars rather than to the prom (and really, who would want to relive that nightmare, which really just amounted to four hours in the bathroom with my best friend talking about life/college/getting out of our hometown anyway) without the J.Mendel price tag. ;)
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