Scalp Health = Hair Health

I turned thirty-one this year, and whether it was a result of my personal neurosis or the invariable effects of biology emerging front and center, a deeply pronounced line appeared stubbornly across my forehead, as if to say, “I’ve arrived; I’ll remain.”

Given the amount of time and effort that I admittedly designate to enhancing my physical shell, the onset of “the” wrinkle gave me pause; no longer could I invest in lashes, lips and alluringly manufactured cosmetic products if I weren’t taking proactive measures to maintain the health and longevity of the assets that I do have.

While you might’ve noticed that I finally got hip to a skin care regimen that I can authentically rave about to other women, I’ve also started to contemplate what the current phenomenon of “self-care” means to me. As someone who soars through life in a manic frenzy, a wobbly toddler subsisting on cold coffee, cupcakes and sedatives, would it be realistic, – or, more importantly — personally gratifying – for me to incorporate celery juice, foam rollers and vegan mattresses into my daily routine.

After using the above-mentioned skin care products once in the morning and once at night for the past six months, I’ve found that committing to a simple practice that entails the use of three trustworthy, time-tested products is as important as it is fulfilling to me. In designating ten minutes a day to take control over the way in which I treat my skin, while also making a long-term investment in my future self, I realized what my definition of self-care is.

When it came to my attention that the skin on the scalp ages in virtually the exact same way as the skin on the face, I began to envision my Grandfather’s shiny, wrinkled dome.

As a woman, especially, it was inordinately valuable for me to learn that when the scalp matures, the hair, in turn, becomes significantly more damaged. In giving it further thought (Who regularly considers scalp health without first being advised/prompted?), I’ve often noticed a stark contrast between the shiny, lustrous locks of younger females versus the more damaged – and sometimes matronly-looking manes — of mature women. While we tend to attribute hair breakage solely to hot tools, color jobs, extensions, the SCALP ITSELF is an instrumental component in determining what our hair will ultimately look and feel like.

Growing up in New York, my head has endured thirty-one harsh winters and been exposed to prolonged blitzes of pollution every time that I exit a building.

What’s more, I’ve experienced hormonal and lifestyle changes, which, unbeknownst to me, disrupted the quality of my growing hair follicles. Ultimately, these influences could’ve lead to dull, dry strands — a brittle, broken mop atop my head, which, like skin on the face, would’ve become irreversibly damaged.

Although the scope of my skin care routine is categorically limited, I’ve started to incorporate preventative measures into my day-to-day schedule as it pertains to being proactive in preserving the health of my hair. Using two products — Head & Shoulders Deep Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner — I ensure that my scalp receives moisture, restoration and detoxifation two to three times per week (Yes, I also bring the products to Bella), which creates a healthy foundation, so that my hair will remain in resilient condition for as long as I can keep it that way. Although I’ve generally associated Head & Shoulders with dandruff treatment, the Deep Moisture Shampoo specifically targets scalp health (remember – scalp is skin), enhancing the look of my styled hair, as well.

Many women, I think, would be interested to know that the Head & Shoulders Deep Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner received a SHAPE 2018 Beauty Award in the Skin Care category, which is the first time that I’ve seen a shampoo brand regarded as skin care, but scalp is skin! Since I’m now aware of the fact that our scalps age in the same way that our faces do, I’ll ensure that the pronounced wrinkle taking up residency on my forehead won’t get within a football field of harming my hair game.


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