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[I’ve partnered with Corcoran to tell the story of what inspires me about the process of creating a New York City based home.  For further creative goodies, be sure to visit their brand new blog at -xx, B]

Dear NoteBrooke,

When I was a child, I spent a considerable amount of time architecting what my ensuing move to the Big Apple would look like.

Clad in dark leather pants, a fitted blazer, and a red/blue/forest green plaid scarf (Yes, my meticulous attention to detail was presumably the first indication of the chronic bout of all-consuming OCD that was still yet to surface), I’d swoop into town with a repertoire of only the most coveted essentialsthe kinds of things that organically fell within the purview of the entirely attainable and the universally fundamental…for a seven year old with her head in the clouds, or like, Ken Vanderpump.

In addition to a newly acquired editorial position at Conde Nast and a well organized haute couture wardrobe, surely I’d manage to scoop up a killer pad with a view of the Park and a walk in closet that starkly resembled Carrie Bradshaw’s sprawling oasis amidst the clouds – you know, the one with the customized white cabinetry that was gifted to her from Big in an apparent effort to underscore his understanding of her passion for electric blue Manolos as a fundamental component of intellectualized personal expression.

But what I actually encountered when I arrived to New York were the remnants of a bad breakup and an egregiously constructed attempt at adulthood. Fresh off the heels of a cancelled engagement, I found myself unemployed and homeless in the literal center of a pile of bulging white trash bags that had come to comprise my “life” (or whatever remained of it) as a bonafide Manhattanite.

Um…somebody call Corcoran?

Without a plan, a job, or an apartment, I launched headfirst into the process of creating some semblance of a reasonably operative day-to-day existence. But despite landing a pseudo well-paying gig as a celebrity personal assistant, finding my soulmate (!) and slipping into a bustling downtown social scene, I found myself aching (Literally. Think wholly incapacitating stress induced tummy pains) — for a place to call home.

In a city that never sleeps, it feels all the more imperative to find a peaceful little box in the sky (or even just a few stories up!) where one can retreat beneath her comforter and shut the literal/proverbial door upon the surrounding labyrinth of madness that’s sure to be ensuing atop the crowded, noisy, and air polluted city sidewalks below.

A longtime fan of the Corcoran Group, I quickly came to appreciate the fact that despite my childhood predilection for parquet floored penthouses and limestone constructed skyscrapers, my broker was equally enthusiastic about the prospect of helping me to find an apartment that fit both my budget and my individual list of must haves. A good view?  Check.  Hard wood floors?  Yep.  Closet space?  Praise Jesus!

Within less than a month, a brand new mattress was laid down on my bedroom floor – which, by the way, is  the first step to any successful move. Slowly, I breathed in the fresh scent of my newly acquired home (If I could somehow bottle that fragrance and sell it as a Dyptique Candle, I would)  in the same way that a particularly devout yogi might inhale during the pinnacle moment of her morning transcendental meditation.

In my quest to find a perfectly personalized Brooke nook (potential URL name for an interior design blog?!) somewhere amongst the endless barrage of sirens, I discovered all of the requisite touches that made my urban apartment feel like a South Floridian beachfront oasis to me.

And although I ultimately moved in with my fiancé upon getting engaged last September – two years post my initial arrival to New York — I still maintain that all I really to need to feel comfortable in my living space is a couple of personalized touches and a view of the city that surrounds me.  Everything else is extra.

My fiancé and I have now managed to create our very own home together, one that houses (hehe) tons of special memories and all of the creature comforts that we both covet, respectively. That said, my initial move to the city is decidedly the one that prompted me to reflect upon the importance of turning a house or an apartment into something significantly more than just that alone.

Head to to check out the launch of their new blog. It contains some pretty spectacular imagery and inspo 😉


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