Dear NoteBrooke,

I’ve legitimately spent the past seven to nine months doing nothing more than attempting to protect these little limbs from the onset of intensive frostbite during outdoor shoots. Admittedly, I’ve given far too much extra attention to all things leather, cashmere, and cushy in the name of relative warmth. BUT, with the onset of spring/summer (praise God!)! finally approaching here in NYC, I’ve recently put a great deal of obsessive thought into creating a look that’s as fun and simplistic as it is cost effective.

Of late, I’ve been on a manic hunt for the must haves — great fits, rich color options, and affordable pieces, which is how/why I came to discover the g-e-n-i-u-s that is XOXO. Incredibly fresh and original, XOXO offers up lots of magical goodies that can’t be found/duplicated/ripped off in every other major department store either. After rocking my pale blue booties, cold shoulder top (which is decidedly the best name for a shirt ever) and hello-yellow romper for the past week or so, it suffices to say this line, as a whole, is essentially giving me life, and I’ll be sporting it all summer long. 😉 See for yourself at


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