YOUR Skincare Questions Answered: a Complete Review of the Essentials With Supermodel Favorite, Teacher and Healer, Ildi Pekar.

Brooke: I think the first time, Ildi, that I rolled in here was like…true to form…six seconds before my wedding day, and you kind of saved my life.

Ildi: Thank you.

Brooke: I feel like… skin is sort of the foundation for everything — for makeup, beauty, but also on the inside.  I think it’s a big confidence factor.

Ildi: Oh, of course it is! And you know sometimes, how much can you cover up with makeup?

Brooke (Nods Head In Agreement): Okay, the first question is, what’s your favorite night cream?

Ildi: I use my CBD.

Brooke: Your CBD…what does CBD mean?

Ildi: So…cannabis…that’s the cannabis…that’s uh…

Brooke: [Visibly surprised/elated] …we love that.

Ildi: That’s the pot! Yeah.

Brooke: Is there a Sephora product that you could also recommend?

Ildi: At Sephora, I would stick with Tata Harper

Brooke: What kind of skin supplements do you recommend, if any?

Ildi: If you break out, or if your skin is very oily, zinc is good. Uh, ashwagandha is really good for hormonal breakouts. I love ginger and a probiotic called feed — it’s supposed to be very, very good for the skin. And the other probiotic I take is the RNS. I take fish oil, Vitamin C, and I take a lot of magnesium. Magnesium is the key, so if you don’t have enough magnesium in your body, it doesn’t matter what [else] you take; it’s not going to dissolve. So, I call magnesium, the mother of all vitamins.

Brooke: What a sound bite.

Brooke: Okay, what is the best treatment for dark under eye circles?

Ildi: First of all, you have to figure out what the cause is — lack of sleep, lack of [a nutritious] diet, sometimes liver problems, not drinking enough water. Take a little eye cream and just start patting around the eye area; it gets you stimulated a little bit. I recommend doing it in the morning and at night, or even during your working hours. If you’re in front of the computer a lot, or you’re just working in a darker room, pat — get some stimulation going around there, and it should help you a lot.

Brooke: So that patting motion (attempts to mimic motion) you’re saying — especially when you’re applying your eye cream — is sort of key?

Ildi: Yes, and you always want to go in [inward facing direction]. So, you pat inward a little bit, and then go around, you could close your eyes, and you could do this for even one or two minutes. It doesn’t need to be something long. If you have eye cream, it would be nice, but you could actually [without eye cream] do it [the patting motion] over your makeup.

Brooke: Ooooooh!

Ildi: You know? Because it’s such a light pat. Don’t do stronger patting because that will cause damage.

Brooke: What is the best treatment for closing pores and refining skin?

Ildi: I would recommend deep cleansing. It removes dirt. Clogged skin is pretty much excess oil and pollution. So, the only way that you could clean them out is manually.

Brooke: What do I do for wrinkles and dark spots above my lip that look like a mustache?

Ildi: Using Vitamin C every day will protect your skin. It’s a high anti-oxidant. And kogic acid (Ildi recommends Dermaceutic Mela Cream, which contains said ingredient).

Brooke: And just apply it to the top of the lip?

Ildi: Yes, just apply it right in the area… and definitely sunblock.

Brooke: Do you have any good recommendations for pigmentation?

Ildi: You have to wear sun protection — so, yes, sun protection, sometimes using a little kogic acid, a light peel, sometimes glycolic acid (Ildi recommends the Dermaceutic Foamer, #15, which contain glycolic acid). If you have a major problem, LED or a stronger peel will do. And, if you really want to go strong, lasers could do it, but that has down time. [With respect to the other options], none of them have down time.

Brooke: I exfoliate regularly but I still get ingrown hair and blocked pores on my face. Any suggestions?

Ildi: So, yeah, exfoliation is very important. Finding the right exfoliator is key (Ildi recommends the O.R.G. Mineral Face Peel, which is an Enzyme Exfoliant). [For exfoliating], it depends what you use. You could do it two or three times a week. If you have very oily skin, if you’re very active, or if you spend a lot of time outside, sometimes you could actually use it every night. I like glycolic acid for exfoliating, and I love the enzyme. I’m all about the enzyme, so a liquid one is very organic, very light –- anyone could use that. There are some powder options. You just add a little water, it foams up, it’s kind of cool.

Brooke: That is cool.

Ildi: It really smells great too, so — you know, pick something that fits your lifestyle and your budget.

Brooke: We have somebody who says, “I get hormonal breakouts. What are the best products/routines to care for and prevent these types of breakouts?”

Ildi: Definitely exfoliation and glycolic acid are the keys. And if you have sensitive skin, I recommend using mild products. If you have a lot of breakouts, you need to invest in an LED light. It’s highly effective, it has no downtime, it’s easy to use.

Brooke: Are there any drugstore masks that are enough to properly hydrate combination skin?

Ildi: Yes, so, if you have sensitive skin, and you see fifty ingredients, that’s definitely a “no.” You want to keep it simple, and when you read the ingredients, make sure, you know – like, some of them, you couldn’t even pronounce – stay away from those, there are chemicals. (Ildi recommends buying 100 percent Raw Honey, applying a full coverage layer, and leaving it on the skin for 15-20 minutes. Then, rinse with luke warm water).

Brooke: What is your recommended solution for opening pores?

Ildi: Some people ask me this because they want to do a little extracting at home. If you’re really good at it, do it, but otherwise, don’t because you could cause so much damage. If you have long nails, you could cause yourself broken capillaries. You could actually pull skin off which takes forever to heal, and you could end up with a pigmentation problem.

Brooke: What are the must-have and the most effective necessities?

Ildi: Cleansing is the most important thing. If I could recommend three products, let’s see…the cleanser and a nice hydrating moisturizer…and maybe, a treatment, a serum or a Vitamin C (Ildi recommends the ILDI PEKAR Creamy Cleanser, Hydrating Moisturizer, and CBD Serum, which contains CBD Oil, Hyalurunic acid and Vitamin C).

Brooke: What is the best cleanser and face oil?

Ildi: If you use a lot of makeup, you have to use a little bit of a stronger cleanser. So, use a makeup remover before you use your cleanser. I love creamy cleansers — they don’t really foam up, so you definitely have to clean your makeup before you use the creamy cleanser because it’s not harsh. It’s creamier, it’s milder on the skin, it’s a little bit more hydrating. But the best way – if you test a cleanser, wash your face, and then touch it…if your skin feels tight, that cleanser is not for you. The face oil? Vitamin C is great. I told you Jojoba Oil is really, really good, argon oil and I actually sometimes use avocado oil. People love coconut oil. If you can handle it — you know, if it’s not too strong for you, go for it.

Brooke: What eye cream do you recommend?

Ildi: I think Tata Harper  has a nice one.

Brooke: Tata Harper?

Ildi: Yes, and it’s organic. I like light eye creams. When you brush your teeth, just put the eye cream on beforehand and just [gently motions around eyes] pat, pat, pat. At night time, do it again.

Brooke: Should I use a toner every day after cleansing as part of my routine?

Ildi: Yes, toner is a great thing to use! What I usually teach and preach here is you clean your skin at night time really well. However, in the morning, you just use a toner. You want to keep all the natural oils in your skin, so you don’t have to apply a lot of moisturizer, which clogs the skin and causes breakouts and clogged pores.

Brooke: What is a good sunscreen for the face?

Ildi: My personal favorite is Coola. I love their sunblock. It’s light, but it’s effective. The powder [sunscreen] is a little bit easier to use. You could just throw that in your purse. I love the Colorescience. What’s so great about colorescience is that you could just go over your makeup with it. The number one skin cancer is usually around the hairline and the nose because I think people are usually so afraid to put sunblock there because they think it would ruin their hair…so with colorescience, you could just go right into your hair[line], right into your ears, right into your nose, because it’s a powder.

Brooke: How many times a week should you do a face mask?

Ildi: As much as you want, as much as you have time for. There’s a lot of great face masks out there!

Brooke: Three times a day?

Ildi: [laughs] You would do three times a day. Well…if you have time, just do it, you know?

Brooke: So it could never hurt?

Ildi: It could never hurt.

Brooke: How often should you get facials?

Ildi: If you have problem skin, four to six weeks — especially in the beginning until you get your skin to the condition where you’d like it to be. After that, you could slow down a little bit but definitely seasonally.

Brooke: What are your thoughts on Accutane?

Ildi: What Accutane does is it shuts oil glands off, so if you want to do it naturally, try zinc before you take Accutane. Zinc will do something very similar to Accutane but in a natural way. Take it for a couple of weeks to see the results.

Brooke: [You mean] to see the results of something natural first? So Accutane — last resort, I think we’re going to say, and we’re going to try zinc first on a full stomach…

Ildi: Yes, perfect.

Brooke: And pray.

Brooke: What about jade rollers? Are they worth it?

Ildi: Jade rollers! I say go for it. I think it feels good, especially if you keep it in the fridge, and if you go upwards, it kind of gives you a little lift.

Brooke: Okay

Ildi: Don’t expect miracles…

Brooke: What is the best skincare for a thirty-year-old woman?

Ildi: Definitely clean skin, anti-aging, even skin tone. Add vitamins to your skincare routine — add Vitamin C. At that age, I recommend starting to use Retinol A. Glycolic acid. What happens is that your skin is getting a little bit thinner any way, so you want to make sure you have that glow…you know, like your cheeks are glowy. Definitely anti-aging because you start losing collagen.

Brooke: What do you recommend for rosacea and blotchy skin?

Ildi: To me, LED is the best thing for rosacea. Sometimes, even microneedling [holds up micro-needling instrument].  CBD is great. If you drink a lot of peppermint tea, it will cool your body down.

Brooke: What is a good facial for maturing skin?

Ildi: A microcurrent [facial] is one of my favorite [options] because it goes deeper than anything you could do at home.

Brooke: How do you combat oily skin while still staying moisturized?

Ildi: I tell people that if you have oily skin, exfoliation…cleaning, is important, but you do need a light moisturizer. There are so many oil-free products out. You know? But sometimes I put oil on myself to neutralize the oil.

Brooke: Really?!

Ildi: Yeah, and it does work.

Brooke: You rebel.

Brooke: “What is the best treatment for a bride to be? I’m getting married in May,” she says, and “have some time.”

Ildi: She probably needs a little deep cleansing, LED, and a lot of peels — just to give that instant glow to the skin.  Before the wedding, I would just do a little micro-current to firm everything up so that you’re nice and tight and you look great in pictures. But give yourself — even if you just do it right before your wedding –- at least two weeks.

Brooke: So don’t do anything to the skin at least two weeks prior to the wedding?  I think that’s just a good rule of thumb.

Ildi: Exactly, it gives you a little bit of a break, and if anything happens, two weeks will clear your skin.

Brooke: What is the best treatment for firming facial skin?

Ildi: Tapping…your jade roller could kind of help a little bit…but I’m a big believer in micro needling.

Brooke: Ooooh, okay!

Ildi: So a micro needler is a tiny roller — it has tiny, tiny needles, and what you do is [demonstrates motion], you roll it on your skin in one direction, you use a serum, and when you use the serum, you want to make sure that it’s an organic one. Just remember that, because you do penetrate [the skin] a little bit deeper. This is a nighttime treatment, and it’s very easy to do it at home.

Brooke:  [Ildi shows instrument to me] This is a microneedler?

Ildi: Touch this.

Brooke: I’m scared to touch this.

Ildi: No, no, no.

Brooke: Ahhhh! [Touches needles, laughs]. Its like…woooow.

Ildi: Mmm-hmmm. So give me your hand.

Brooke: [Gives hand] It’s going to take my spray tan off, Ildi.

Ildi: No. I know your spray tan. You love that. No. Here’s what you do: you put the serum, you roll, [demonstrates], you just go lightly [onto the skin] and then you move the opposite way with it.

Brooke: This is…this is, the best thing I’ve ever felt. Sorry, Celestino.

Ildi: You see? It’s not painful at all.

Brooke: This is the best thing I’ve ever felt.

Ildi: And you should feel a little stimulation, you should feel a little tingling.

Brooke: See?! We’re learning new things every day by doing these interviews.

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